MarketocracyWhen opportunities exist to add to one’s diversification, it should be done without haste.  This no less has happened to our “Defensive Growth” fund with Marketocracy.  Since the last posting about this fund, we added two new positions, Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE:  LLY) and Perrigo Company (NYSE:  PRGO).  Both are large-cap companies, and interestingly both are in the healthcare sector.  Both of these companies are in keeping with our philosophy of finding undervalued companies that have reasonable growth.

We are struggling to find suitable candidates for the mid-cap space and international space.  For now we are, holding off on adding anything for the mid-cap space.  In the meantime, we hedged toward Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE:  TSM) and Magic Software Enterprises (NASDAQ:  MGIC).  These two tech companies will be replaced once more suitable candidates are found.

So here is how we are doing so far:

Symbol Company Date Added Current Return
PWRD Perfect World Co., LTD 2/21/2014 17.85%
NRCIB National Research Corp 2/21/2014 7.54%
CF CF Industries Holdings, Inc. 2/21/2014 6.11%
TSM Taiwan Semiconductor 2/26/2014 4.76%
EBIX Ebix Inc. 2/21/2014 3.78%
ATVI Activision Blizzard, Inc. 2/26/2014 1.07%
TEO Telecom Argentina 2/21/2014 0.03%
PRGO Perrigo Company Public Limited Company 2/26/2014 -0.88%
LLY Eli Lilly and Company 2/26/2014 -1.44%
T AT&T, Inc. 2/21/2014 -2.37%
MGIC Magic Software Enterprises 2/26/2014 -9.12%
CPA Copa Holdings SA 2/21/2014 -9.64%

At this point we are in the green, barely, but this type of portfolio has a one year window, so we will not worry about short-term struggles.

In the meantime, happy investing.


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